The Unexpected Cause Of Weight Gain

Millions of Americans struggle with weight, with almost 4 in 10 considered overweight. Most cases are related to diet, exercise, and lifestyle diseases. Many struggles with weight gain are hormone-related. Hormones are chemicals that regulate the function of most tissues and body functions, including weight gain. Treatments like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help if this is the cause.

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A delicate balance

If a plane is just one degree off course, the aircraft will not arrive at the desired destination. Hormones behave the same way. The endocrine system excretes and receives the correct hormones for health and wellness. Just a bit too much or too few hormones can cause mood swings, fatigue, affect appetite, and weight gain.

Less estrogen, more fat

Hormonal changes particularly affect women undergoing menopause. At this stage, the amount of estrogen produced drops significantly. Estrogen, particularly estradiol, works with several other hormones to regulate weight. Menopausal women recognize sudden weight gain, especially visceral fat.

A solution in HRT

Hormone replacement therapy works to restore much-needed balance. Replacement therapy can provide a boost of estrogen, progesterone or both. HRT can come in a pill, cream, or patch form. The dosage then gets monitored and adjusted according to the patient’s response. Recent research compared menopausal women taking HRT to women who never took the drug. The women on HRT had significantly less weight. HRT helped keep the weight off too. HRT works for women with perimenopause, hysterectomy or disease affecting hormonal health.

Can guys get hormone therapy?

While low estrogen affects women, low testosterone can cause weight gain in men. Testosterone steadily declines each year after age 30. In some severe cases, a doctor may recommend hormone therapy. This comes in the form of a gel or injection of testosterone. Over time, and with a healthier lifestyle, HRT can cut those pesky pounds too. Both women and men on HRT should get guidance from doctors and be aware of any side effects.

Not just a weight loss pill

HRT affects other parts of overall health and wellness. Persons taking HRT see improvements in sleep, mood, and energy. Hormone therapy may help improve bone mass and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ironically, stress, mood, and energy all contribute to maintaining a healthy weight.

Take a chance on HRT

A well-functioning body needs the right amount of hormones at the right time. Hormonal imbalances cause several things to go awry, including weight gain. HRT, along with diet and exercise, can keep those pesky pounds off. Persons suspecting signs of a hormonal imbalance should check with a doctor. Take some time to discuss the possibility and benefits of hormone therapy with a healthcare professional.

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