Is The Pill Right For Me?

From painful cramps to sleep troubles, period symptoms can be so uncomfortable that some consider starting the pill to alleviate symptoms. While pregnancy prevention is often a deciding factor in pursuing birth control, the pill provides 4 additional uses, including lighter periods, less painful menstrual cramps, and a lower overall risk of uterine cancer and anemia. With a blend of hormones, women can successfully treat period symptoms that last for decades. Determining the best type of birth control for the individual depends on health history and correct usage.

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1 – Lighter periods

2 – Lower risk of anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia that keeps red blood cells from functioning correctly. Since red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, anemia causes fatigue and weakness. For women with iron deficiencies, continuous cycle birth control, such as the pill, limits blood loss associated with heavy periods.

3 – Protection against cancer

When used effectively, the pill effectively prevents pregnancy. However, the pill also lowers the risk of multiple types of cancer. Women who use the pill are at a lower risk for endometrial cancer than women who have never used oral contraceptives. Risk is reduced by at least 30%, with protection increasing the longer the pill is taken. In the same way, women on the pill experience a 30-50% lowered risk of developing ovarian cancer.

4 – Fewer cramps

Throughout the menstrual cycle, a woman’s body experiences a nearly constant fluctuation of hormones. As a result, many women experience hormone-related migraines and severe cramping. Along with ice, relaxation exercises, and over-the-counter pain medications as needed, taking the pill daily can help blunt the impact of headaches and period cramps.

How the pill helps

While hormonal birth control must be tailored to the individual to prevent potential health risks, hormone therapy can protect against heavy periods, anemia, cramps, and certain types of cancer. However, whether hormones will benefit a patient depends on age, the type of hormones, and family history. To ensure safe and effective birth control treatment, women must maintain a healthy lifestyle while regularly seeking and attending follow-up care.

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